Co-ed Soccer

16 and Older

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- Six week season will run January - February (on Sundays or Thursdays: whichever is more popular)

- One Day Tournament following regular season

- Games will take place in Fitness World's Sports Complex

- 5 v 5 play (includes goalie)



$250 per team


Coed Indoor Soccer Rules

1. All free kicks are direct, including kick-off. Players have 5-seconds to put the ball in play, 15- seconds on kick-off; infringement results in turnover of possession.

 2. On kick-off, ball may be played forward or backward.

3. When a free kick is being taken, the defending team must be a minimum of 10 feet from ball.

4. NO offside. 

5. All players must wear indoor shoes (flats) or sneakers – No molded cleats allowed at any time. 7. Substitutions on the fly. Player must be off the field before substitute can enter.

6. Game clock will start at scheduled time – NO EXCEPTIONS!! Games are on a running clock with no stoppage of time.

7. Slide tackling or Sliding for the ball, is strictly prohibited. No on the ground field play is allowed at all.

8.  The goalkeeper may retain possession of the ball with his/her hands for a maximum period of 5- seconds. 

9. All free kicks awarded inside the penalty arc will be taken from the top of the 3-point arc.

10.   All games will be two 20 minute halves. a. Half time will be 5 minutes.

11.  Females are awarded 2 points per goal.

12. Each team will have two 1 minute timeouts per half.

13. Roster a. Teams may have a maximum of 8 players per game b. Captains must submit final roster before tournament