Max Performance Room Classes

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Max Performance Room  Classes


Flash Class- (1st and 3rd Saturday)- combination of any or all the MPR Fitness Classes rolled into one extreme workout. 

Insanity Live- challenging, group-focused interval training consisting of cardioo conditioning and total-body strength drills for people of all fitness levels. 

Krank it Kardio- a combination of body weight movements and short running intervals on the track for the ultimate cardio experience.

Open Gym- (2nd and 4th Saturday) Need a new routine? Let Fitness World help you achieve your personal goals through the Challenge Of the Day for Everyone! A new workout will be displayed daily for anyone that wants to test their stamina,strength, flexibility and balance. 

TRX- Suspension training exercise used to develop strength,balance, flexibility and core stability simultaneously. 

Zumba- Dance fitness classes that are fun, energetic and make you feel amazing.