Indoor Ultimate Frisbee


Indoor Ultimate Frisbee




The playing field will be the full dementions of our basketball court, plus portions of the walking track. 


Play will start with home team kicking off (pulling the disc) to the opposing team. If the throw hits the back wall or is dropped by the returning team, play will begin from the back white volleyball line (there is no onside kicks).


Once a team has possession of the disc, they have 10 seconds to throw the disc to a teammate. Failure to release the disc in 10 seconds willl result in a Stalling penatly, which will give the opposing team possession of the disc. Defensive players can count the 10 seconds out loud at a normal pace.


Turnover - if a disc hits a side wall or the ground it is considered dead and will lead to a change in possession. Defensive players are allowed to face guard, block or intercept the disc to force turnovers. No contact between players when face guarding.


You can pass the disc in any direction, but you are not allowed to run with it. Once you catch a disc you must stop. 


After a disc hits the ground, new offensive team must tap the disc on the ground to resume play.


To score a player must catch the frisbee with one foot inside the endzone (marked with cones). Disc must completly cross the goal line. After each score teams switch sides and kickoff resumes play.


There are unlimited substitutions allowed. Player subbing out must be off the court before new player subs in.


Each team is granted one 30 second timeout per half. Timeouts do not roll over.


An official will be on hand to score and monitor the games, but players are asked to call their own fouls and infractions. 


Any issues should be brought to Ryne Turke.