Owyn Haverfield

November 19, 2020

Owyn Haverfield



Favorite Food

Sushi & Big Macs


Best Movie

Harry Potter


TV show are you binge watching

Cut Throat Kitchen


Band/Artist always on your playlist

AC/DC ... I love Thunderstruck!


Sports Team you love  

St. Louis Cardinals


Hidden Talent

Can Whistle With Tongue


Tell us about your fitness journey from when you first joined Fitness World to now

Since starting I can lift more than I weigh! I have gotten stronger and am learning about the equipment and how to lift!


What instructors or members have helped push you to meet your fitness goals



Class you can’t live without

After School Athlete Program


Lift or exercise you are best at

Deadlift & Running


What’s your favorite thing about Fitness World

Coming here is so much fun. I get to do so many different activities and play my favorite sports


Why should everyone you know join Fitness World

Everyone here is so nice and helpful. I've had so much fun and learned so many new things since joining and you can too!